Meditation has been practiced in India for thousands of years because it reduces stress, calms the mind and increases inner peace.

Maria has been studying Buddhism and Meditation for many years; she has traveled and lived in monestory in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal

During a visit to Samye Ling monastery in Scotland which is the international centre of Buddhist training, she meet Johnny Glover who was running a course on Yoga for Meditation

Since that meeting Maria has arranged meditation workshops and weekends with Johnny for her clients at Beauty Time

Johnny Glover has been teaching yoga and qigong since 2001. He is also a Qigong Teacher . In 2009 Johnny completed the One Year Foundation Training in Mindfulness

Johnny is aware of the personal transformation that meditation and mindfulness can bring about.

Johnny shares the practices with an open heart, encouraging participants to do what they can with awareness and acceptance.

If you would like to join us for a workshop or weekend, we would love to hear from you.

Maria will personally call you to discuss our next course, please leave your details with our reception team or email the salon at

“Peace comes from within”