A safe, effective method of permanent hair removal. We use the most advanced electrolysis method available – the Sterex SXB blend epilator. This provides effective and permanent hair removal with minimum discomfort. A new sterile disposable needle is used on each client. Cost is calculated by the length of time the therapist is actually working

Treatment time: 10 mins £25.00

Treatment time: 20 mins £30.00
Treatment time: 30 mins £45.00
Treatment time: 40 mins £70.00


Here at Beauty time we are trained in both hot wax and strip wax, and with many years of experience we definitely know what we are looking for from a quality wax.

We have chosen to use Outback Organics, a UK market leader offering a range of Waxing and after care products from native Australian botanicals.

Outback Organics is from the United Kingdom, a family run business based on an English farm in the countryside green county of Somerset in England.

It was incorporated into the USA in 2013 and is based in Los Angeles – California.

Outback offers strip wax and Outback Gold Warm peelable wax. Which is designed to make waxing a first class experience from start to finish, with a soft buttery wax that shrink wraps around each hair to effectively remove it from the root makes this wax suitable for even the shortest of hair and the most sensitive of skins.

In order to achieve desired results we may use one or both techniques

Each treatment starts with organic pre and post waxing products these products help to reduce redness and make your treatment less sensitive

We stock a full range of Outback Organic products to care for your skin between salon visits

Outback Organics is only used in the finest salons where salons understand that a quality wax using the very best Organic ingredients is always the best option for an effective safe and less sensitive treatment

We can assure you that at Beauty Time we will never compromise on the quality of products or training.

Half leg: 30 mins  £26.00
Three-quarter leg: 45 mins  £35.00.
Full leg: 1 hour  £45.00
Full leg and basic bikini line: 1 hour  £55.00
Basic Bikini line: 15 mins  £25.00
Extended Bikini Line 30 mins £32.00
Specialised Bikini 45mins £40.00
Underarm: 15 mins  £17.00
Forearm: 30 mins  £25.00

Chin: 15 mins  £15.00
Upper Lip: 15 mins  £15.00
Back (men ): 30 mins  £40.00