Men’s Grooming

Most of our treatments and therapies are suitable for our ever-expanding male clientele, but we have also developed a range of treatments specifically for you, the guys, who value us for our professionalism, knowledge and our abilities to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as the ladies who visit our salon.

Hydradermie facial for men

A machine based treatment using galvanic and high frequency electrotherapy to deep-cleanse, rehydrate and rebalance the skin.
Treatment time: 1 hour  £90.00

Deep cleansing / steam facial

Using a combination of steam, exfoliation and deep purifying masks, this facial aids the skin’s natural elimination process to promote clean healthy skin.
Treatment time: 1 hour £80.00

Gentlemens Therapeutic facial

A deeply relaxing facial, utilising therapeutic essential oils. This facial applies pressure point massage to the face and scalp plus a deep tissue massage to the back and neck to loosen tight muscles.
Treatment time: 1 hour £80.00

Eyelash / brow Tinting

Eyelash tinting is great for almost everyone. Even if you have dark lashes already, we can still apply very dark tints to make the lashes stand out as lash colour often fades over time. The semi-permanent tinting lasts for up to six weeks. An allergy patch test is required 24 hours before treatment.
Eyelash tinting: 30 mins £30.00
Eyebrow tinting: 15 mins £20.00

Men’s eyebrow tidy

The eyebrows are tidied and trimmed for a natural, groomed appearance.
Treatment time: 15 mins £20.00

Men’s  back waxing

A quick and effective method of hair removal which, can last up to six weeks. At Beauty Time we use a silk organic cream wax, which is known for its healing and antiseptic properties. This wax is excellent for clients with sensitive skin or those with a low pain threshold.

Back (men): 30 mins £40.00


Men’s feet and nails

The feet and lower legs are soaked, scrubbed and massaged. Hard skin is removed and the toenails are then clipped and tidied.
Treatment time: 1 hour £55.00


Men’s hands & nails

A complete hand and nail treatment using Le Remedi by Jessica to keep hands and nails looking impeccable.
Treatment time: 45 mins £45.00

Holistic therapies

All of our holistic therapies are suitable for men