Eyelash/brow Tinting

Eyelash tinting is great for almost everyone. Even if you already have dark lashes, (often lashes fade in colour over time), we can apply very dark tints to make the lashes stand out.

Tinting is great for holidays and for those who are sensitive to mascara. Make the most of your eyes whether you like to wear mascara or not.

The semi-permanent tinting lasts for up to six weeks. An allergy patch test is required 24 hours before treatment.

Eyelash tinting: 15 mins  £30.00 

Eyebrow tinting: 30 mins  £20.00 

Eyebrow shaping

Waxing for eyebrows

Using a gentle organic wax or outback organics precision gold peeable wax that is effective even on the most sensitive of skin, eyebrow-waxing can last up to six weeks, however we recommend monthly treatment to keep eyebrows looking their best.

Eyebrow shaping and trim: 15 mins  £20.00 



Beauty Time Highly Defined Eyebrow Workshop

Learn how to achieve great looking eyebrows like the stars.

Here at Beauty Time we have a wealth of knowledge using different treatments to achieve great looking eyebrows, including threading, waxing, tweezing, cutting, tinting and specialist eyebrow mineral make-up.

This mini workshop includes consultation / treatment and advice including a professional eyebrow kit to take home to maintain the look between appointments.  A professional eyebrow shape is known as the instant face-lift.

Treatment time: 30 mins  £50.00 (including Eyebrow kit to take home)


Semi Permanent eyelashes by Lash Perfect

An exciting treatment for thicker, longer and naturally abundant eyelashes, Lash Perfect is the leading supplier of professional semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

Lash Perfect extensions are semi-permanent, lasting up to 8-12 weeks depending on the life cycle of your own natural lashes and with regular maintenance you will increase the time you can keep your lashes with 2 weekly top ups.

Like your nails and the hair on your head, your individual eyelashes grow out on a continuous cycle of replenishment.

Key to the success of the eyelashes is a specially formulated bonding agent. This glue is regulated by the highest health and safety standards; quality is never compromised in this highly skilled and technical treatment. The lash perfect extensions are very light to wear and can be worn everyday.  When applied and removed professionally they cause no trauma to the natural lashes.

 Full set of eyelash (upper lashes): 2 hour  £115.00

In fills (maintained every two weeks ): £60.00 

Please note the price of infills applies to clients that have had a full set applied at Beauty Time.


Eyelash perming & LVL (Length , Volume & Lift)

Lash perming isn’t a new treatment it has been around over 20 years . Salon Owner Maria Mason ,was (back then) one of the first therapist in the country to train

She bring her wealth of knowledge to this next generation of eyelash perming LVL , and shares this experience with her team, so that they can offer you the very best results from this fabulous must have treatment

Newly curled lashes open up the appearance of your eyes and give real definition

The difference between LVL & Perming is simply the perming rod or shield that is applied, giving either a curl or a lift to the lashes, your therapist will explain the difference and discuss the best option to achieve maximum effect

During treatment a cooling collagen shield is placed around the eye, to give an added benefit of hydration to the skin. The lashes are bathed in a conditioning treatment after you perm and a dark eyelash tint completes the look.

To keep your lashes in tiptop condition we recommend the use of conditioning serums to use at home which we sell here at the salon

As with any perm, the curl will remain until the hair grows out – usually about eight weeks. It will not be affected by the use of make-up, cleansers or water.

Perming normally takes just 45mins, but we book out 1 hour to ensure that we have time for a full consultation and you have time to feel relaxed

Eyelash perming and tinting: 60 mins  £65.00

(A patch test is required prior to treatment )