Body Treatments

Guinot Aromatic Body Sauna Mask

This amazing body treatment, incorporates three phases – exfoliation with a skin softening scrub made from sugar cane and kiwi extract – contouring, using an anti-water retention sauna mask and well-being using a de-stressing and sculpting body massage with energizing essential oils. An experience of pure enjoyment.

Treatment time: 1 hour £70.00

Hot Chocolate Soothing Body Wrap

Chocolate is recognized for its feel good, anti-aging and toning properties. It stimulates your endorphins, softens and tones the skin. This wrap starts with a full body buff.   Whilst the wrap is warming your skin and working its magic your therapist will offer you a choice of either a scalp massage of an arm massage
Treatment time 1hour 15mins £80.00

Green Tea – Detox Body Wrap

Green tea is a powerful herb that has many antioxidants that promote healthily skin and natural beauty.  Its best known for helping rid the body of toxins. This wrap starts with a full body buff and includes either a scalp massage of an arm massage
Treatment time 1hour 15mins £75.00

Slim Gel Body Wrap

The slim gel body wrap is a quick and effective way to lose unwanted inches. The concentrated herbal gel contains essential oil, seaweed, aloe and mineral salts; it is formulated to achieve inch loss through intra-cellular drainage by the lymphatic system. This superb treatment will also detoxify the system at the same time.
Treatment time: 1 hour 30 mins £80.00

CACI electro-cellulite massager

Massage has long been established as one of the most effective means of treating cellulite, and CACI combines massage with the benefits of micro-current therapy. The electro-massager gently tightens and firms un-toned muscles, leaving the skin glowing and radiant.
Treatment time: 1 hour  £60.00
Course of ten: £540.00

Ultratone Futura Pro

The Pro 20 toning machine is the next generation of advanced technology in face and body toning. We are one of the only salons in the area to offer this technology, which provides personalised, tailor-made face and body treatments. You just lie back and relax while Ultratone gently exercises your muscles over 1,000 times in each session, toning, tightening and firming your waist, hips and thighs. As it increases the blood flow, Ultratone is ideal for tackling cellulite. Therapeutic, sport and core stability programmes are also available.

You can choose a body treatment, a facial treatment or both together.

We recommend a monthly maintenance following a course of treatment.
Body treatment: £60.00 
Course of ten body treatments: £540.00 
Facial and body treatment: £110.00 
Course of ten facial and body treatments taken together: £990.00 

Crystal Clear Back Treatment

The treatment begins with an invigorating back cleanse. The microdermabrasion is then applied with particular attention on any scarring, blackheads, milia, acne scarring or stretch marks. A therapeutic treatment Mask is applied and appropriate mositurisers
Treatment Time: 45 mins £70.00

Sea Salt & Sugar Scrubs & Buffs

An invigorating body exfoliation using freshly prepared essential oils, sea salt or sugar to removed dead skin cells and improve circulation – your body will simply glow following this treatment. A fantastic, revitalising treatment for the body at any time of the year.

Choose from ……
Lime & Lemongrass
Wild Rose Salted Body Scrub
Strawberry & Cream
Chocolate Vanilla & Sweet orange
Nectarine & Honey

Treatment time: 45 mins  £45.00

Body Moisture Drench

An extremely luxurious top to toe body treatment. Your body is gently exfoliated to remove dead skin cells, and then specific creams, oils and luxury products from our extensive Guinot body range are selected and blended to your specific needs. Targeting different areas of your body, this heavenly treatment is completed with a soothing, relaxing massage, leaving your skin moist and deeply hydrated.
Treatment time: 1 hour  £75.00